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Swap Virtual Table for Physical Table

Hi all,
Any suggestions for how to swap a virtual table for a physical table?
For performance reasons I want to implement a virtual table as a physical table, but don't want to recreate all the reports and metrics created in the exisiting view.
Is this possible?
Cheers, Clinton
Hi Clinton,

you could firstly export all of your reports (without the view and data source) that are based on the existing view. Then create a 2nd view that uses all virtual tables (rather than dragging the actual db tables onto the canvas) then save it as a different name than the existing view.

Then finally, just import back into Yellowfin all of the reports, but during the import process, point each one to the new view instead of the existing view, and as long as all the fields are available in the new view then the reports should connect successfully with the new view.

I hope that makes sense, if it doesn't, or if I have misunderstood you please let us know.

Thanks David, that makes sense.
Cheers, Clinton

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