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Table AccessClassList is not found in schema – Installation error

I am installing the specific version - Yellowfin 6.1

I have chosen the 'Create new database' and 'Create new user' option. Halfway through installation, I get an exception which says "Table AccessClassList is not found in schema null NO_ERROR". and the installation stops.

Could someone please help. I'm not able to find any similar posts as well

I'm attaching the log files as well with this post
Hi SivaPriya

Is this your first time installing the software?
If so it would be in your best interest to install a newer version since 6.1 will not be fully supported.

-Is this for testing purposes or are you using a Database you have in place already?
-Are you installing the software and database server- directly to your computer?
-Look like you are using MySQL ad the database software?
-Looks like you are installing it to a Mac according to the OS info I see in the log you sent?

Let me go thru a few of the questions of the install.

Select the packs you want to install:
Make sure to Check Usage Reports (Note: you will not have this on version 7.1)

License file Selection:
Wait to do this until after install.
Continue: Yes

General Options
Web Server Port:
Make sure to use something other than 80 such as 8061 due to the Mac already using port 80.

Select database type:
Choose MySQL if that is your database

Create new Yellowfin database

Create a new database user

Database Details
Database Server Host: localhost
Database Server Port: 5432 (what I am using here with Postgres database software)
Database Name: (***Note- use all lower case with no spaces, preferably less than 12 characters, for example yellowfin61)

DBA Username and Password
Use id and password you have for mySQL

Yellowfin username
Put in a new id and password of your choice

Validate Connection Details
Connection was successful

Select the installation path:
/Application/Yellowfin 6.1 (will be default but you can change)

Once clicking Next the install will begin and should go to the Finish.

Let me know if this makes a difference.

Thank you
One more thing related to the instructions above.
When you try another re-install you want to Create a new database but use an Existing User, not a new one.
Thank you Mark, I got it resolved by selecting to create a new database but with an existing user and granted all permissions to the user. It worked..
Excellent! Good job SivaPriya