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Text doen’t Wrap in full

We are using Yellowfin 7.1 build 20150325.

We have some reports with many columns so, we try to squeeze some of the text column and wrap them but the wrap feature in Yellowfin doesn't wrap in full i.e. after some 4/5 rows text will be hidden and ... are showing up.

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Is there a way to show full text and wrap? This is critical for our user as they need to see all data in one view.

Hi Koteswara,

Are you experiencing the word wrap issue when viewing YF in different browsers
( IE, Firefox, etc )?

Kind Regards,

Hi Danny,
Yes, we experience same behavior in IE and Chrome. We don't use other browsers.

Hi Danny,

Can we have the answer for this issue?
As our user is asking for.

Yu Yan
Hello Yu / Koteswara ,

Sorry for the delays in looking at this question.

At this stage, the truncation of a word when Word Wrap is switched on and column widths are reduced to a certain size is intended, and there is currently no option for words to be split in the columns without being truncated.

However, I have added an Enhancement Request # 194505 to request words to be split and not truncated when Word Wrap is switched on in a column.

If this enhancement is important to your continued use of Yellowfin, you may wish contact your Yellowfin Sales Manager to discuss its implementation.

Kind Regards,

May I know if it's will going to release soon?
Good Morning Guest,

Hope you are well,

I have looked in to this enhancement request and at this moment in time it is still waiting to be allocated to a release, I have updated the request to advise that you are chasing.

As soon as it has been allocated then we will update this forum post.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.