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The Source Access Filter does not seem to work on a report with a view based on a stored procedure

We have followed the guide for Source Access Filters

and have it working fine for reports with Views based on SQL, but have not been able to get it working for reports with Views based on Stored Procedures.

We understand the source access filter is applied to the parameters of the Stored Procedure. The problem is the report only returns data for the first record found in the access list for the given user. When we select a different record to which the user has access, the data results do not change, as shown by the screenshots below.

The Source Access Filter is on Billing Entity and has been set in the View:

Forum image

The filter is set to Brisbane:

Forum image

But the results are still Perth (first record in access list for the user):

Forum image

Please let us know if we have missed something, or it's a problem with Yellowfin.


Thanks for the screenshots, what you are experiencing is not expected behaviour.

Are you able to send across the following info;
-Yellowfin build version
-Info as to how you have setup your source filter on the data source
(if this contains senstive data, just email it to and reference this post)
-Info as to how the filter is setup at the report level
-Report SQL generated by the report

Once we have this info we should have a better idea of what is happening.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

We replied by email on Friday, 10th October and are awaiting a response.
Hi Wayne,

I do have your email, and still looking into this.

Sorry for any delays on getting back to you .