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Time-out of a session when creating a storyboard

At this moment we are creating storyboards to facilitate the users with documentationof the Yellowfin-environment the use. However this creatiev-process often takes more time than the 30 minute time-out that's defined for the session time-out in Yellowfin.

When the time-out activates..... all not-saved input is complete lost without any warning. To eliminate this problem we alter the time-out in web.xml to 240 minutes.

But... there are more circumstances one can lose his unsaved data. The pratical-problem we experience is that when saving a storyboard your automatically put in present-mode and you have to alter edit-mode again and search for the "place of the last modification"...., so temporary-saving cost some time and is oft "forgotten".

Is it possible to enhance the storyboard editor with a "save-and-return" function so this process is simplified? Or is it possible to add an "automatic save option pro ... minutes" that can be activated on the specific storyboard your are working on?

As far as i can see, the slides are already stored when adding them... so to my opinion the text etc. can be linked automatically
Hi Peter,

Thank you for your suggestion.

I have created an enhancement request for this to be considered for a future build. (TASK ID: 178325)

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please let me know.

Kind Regards,