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Time Series – Not showing gaps in data

Hi There,

I'm using a Time Series with Trans_Date, Sales, Cost and GP columns. When presented on a Area Chart with a Time Series setting the data is not displaying the gaps in data. For example, weekends should show up as zero, but the data incorrectly displays Friday then Monday data.

The settings are Time Series ON,

Forum image

Dates below show there are 4 days between 1st and 6th January yet the chart does not show zeros.

Forum image

Forum image

Version 7.1 build 20140923
Am I missing something?


I've just noticed that it's the width of the section that represents the number of days. The narrow highlight represents one day, and the wider highlighted sections represent more than one day, width in proportion to the number of days.

I've changed the chart from Area to Vertical Bar which then shows "zeros" over a weekend and other days of inactivity.

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