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Timestamp in Report Name for Broadcast

While broadcasting a report, is it possible to have a custom timestamp for the Report name.

For eg: ReportName: Acrrual_Report_05/19/2016 19:15 PM
Hi Abhijith,

Hope you're well.

Unfortunately it's not possible to have a custom time stamp in the file name for broadcasts. The broadcast should export with the date the broadcast happened, however unfortunately you cannot change this to be a custom timestamp.

I apologize for the disappointment.

Kind Regards,

Is it possible to remove the Date from the report name? some thing like below without date in the report name.

For eg: ReportName: Acrrual_Report

Hi Shashi,

Unfortunately it's not possible when broadcasting to email to remove the timestamp. It is possible to do this when setting up an FTP schedule though.

I apologize for the disappointment.
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