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Timezone Issue during report export


We are not sure how the time zone in YF really works. One of our users has complained that whenever he exports the report into excel, the date on the report is one day behind than his current time. for e.g. he exported the report at 9:00 am CST on 20-Aug-2014. But the date on the report is showing as 19-Aug-2014. No where in the world is 19-Aug-2014 at that time. Not sure why the date on the report is showing 1 day behind.

His user timezone setting is set as Americas Belize(-6:00) whereas the Default Timezone setting on the Client Org is set as America New York (-4:00). Not sure if this is causing any issues.

I would like to understand the below.

1. What's the difference between Timezone setting at the Client Org level and the Timezone setting set at the User level?
2. When user exports the report into excel, which time zone setting is used?
3. Why do users see 1 day behind when the time zone settings are different at Client Org level and User level?

How do we rectify this issue as this is causing a big impact.


Hi Guru,

The timestamp on the exported report would be coming from the server / machine YF is installed on, and will base the timestamp on the timezone set within the User-level settings. If you are experiencing a conflict with the timestamp on your reports, you would need to check the time/date settings on the server or machine YF is running on.

Please let me know if you continue to experience issues.

Kind Regards,

Hi Danny,

Unfortunately, it is not working like this. Below is the scenario when this puts the date 1 day behind in the extract.

1. The timezone setting on the YF server is Americas, CDT
2. The Client Org timezone is set as Americas, New York (-4:00)
3. The user timezone is set as Americas, Belize (-6:00)

When the user is actually based in Americas, EST and runs the report during 8 am to 9 am, then the date on the extract shows the previous date. I am wondering why this is happening as nowhere in the world has the previous date at that time.

We can consistently reproduce this issues on our end with the above scenario. I think what may be happening here is that the offset of more than -10 hours is getting applied to the user's current time which is pushing the date to previous day which is kind of weird.

If yes, this this seems to be a bug.

Please clarify.


Hi Danny,

I would also like to understand the below question.

1. What's the difference between Timezone setting at the Client Org level and the Timezone setting set at the User level? Which one taken preference and how the actual time is calculated during the above scenario.

Hello Guru,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

We have been able to reproduce the export timestamp issue for you, and have lodged a Product Defect ( # 170858] ) to have this corrected soon.

In terms of how the time zone settings apply, users attached to a Client Org will have their timezones default to the Client Org settings. If the user within the Client Org modifies their own timezone settings, these will override the Client Org timezone settings when creating reports, exporting etc.

Let me know if you need further clarification on this.

Kind regards,

Hi Danny,

Could you please provide an ETA on the above issue.

Hi Dhrati,

Unfortunately the task has yet to be allocated to the dev team.
Sorry for the bad news.

I'm going to try to push this for the 7.0 & 7.1 February patch.

Apologies for the troubles this is causing.

Hi Dhrati,

Just letting you know, this issue has now been fixed and will be included in the February 7.1 release.

Sorry for all the troubles this has caused.

Please let me know if you still experience issues with timezone conversion after the 7.1 Feb patch.


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