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Tranferring Data from YF to DB


We need to send some data from Yellowfin to DB.

Is there any way to send data from YF to DB? Or any plans to implement this in upcoming versions?

Hi Nikhil

Interesting question.
Could you expand on that some?

Yellowfin software interacts with the DB in some of the following ways.
- process form values sent from the browser
- save values to the Yellowfin database where required
- load values from the Yellowfin database where required (eg. report definition)
- perform processing as required (eg. build the report query based on report and view definitions)
- run report query against the source database and retrieve results (this is the only step that should connect to the source database)
- process the result set (eg. running analytic functions), build charts as appropriate, format the results as appropriate (eg. HTML, PDF, XLS)
- return the results to the user's browser

What are you looking to send to the DB from YF?

Thank you
We have a list of people in a report. We want to flag some of these people.

The next time the report is opened, they should still be flagged, or they should not be shown depending on the requirement.

Is this possible?
Thank you for the feedback Nikhil.

It seems this could be created on the software side and then DB data you are pulling in would use that parameter.
Let me discuss with a co-worker this afternoon when AUS morning starts and I will give you a proper answer.

Hi Nikhil.

I spoke with a co-worker and they said there is definitely no way for the Yellowfin software to push data to the DB.
All we can do is take the existing data from the DB and create results based on your manipulation of that data.

Let me know if you need a further explanation on that.
Thank you

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