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Trellis – Can you do a side by side bar chart or line graph?

I am trying to create a trellis chart where I can compare the price this year and the price last year (on the same vertical axis). Currently all I am coming up with is a stacked bar graph.

Is there a way to instead have a side by side bar graph or a line graph with the same type of layout I have now?

Forum image

Forum image
Hi Rose,

Thanks for the post.

Unfortunately this isn't currently possible. I do apologize. Currently your can only display the trellis chart as you are seeing above.

We do have plans for the future to allow you to modify the appearance of the trellis to line charts, however there is currently no deadline on this.

One thought would be to do this over a series of reports/charts using a line graph and then use a "Co-Display" report to bring them together onto the one page.

Sorry for the bad news.

Kind Regards,