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Trellis with null-values how to supress

In a certain situation we have one reports that is used to show two different Trellis-Graphics. In one of then graphics on the Y-ax there are "null"-values.

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Is there an option to supress the values that are a result of this "null-value" Y-ax records?
Hi Peter,

If I'm understanding this correctly, you have a report that is returning NULLS, actual rows of data, with a value of NULL, though you do not want this to display on the chart?

If this is the case, the only way to stop the chart from displaying this is to stop it from being returning in report.
The chart is based on the report, so if the report has it, so will the chart (if you're including this field in the chart of course).

The alternative is to create 2 reports, 1 table only, 1 chart only (with the NULLS filtered out).

I hope this covers what you're after, and please let me know if I've misunderstood anything.

Hello David,

The alternative will work for sure.... two reports with filters and 1 graph each....

I also worked out another option : in a calculated field i generate a logical name for the null-values like "others" and the rest will become the "real name". In this way the values are in the graph but can be better understood by the users... and i don't have to develop two reports :-)

Glad it works and nice work with the other option!