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Trigger a Web Service Call

Hi, is it possible to customize YF so that it can call a web service before running a query?

I want to design a Data Mart that is lean on data. It would store only 3 months worth of data. However, if the user wants to get more data, these data need to be ETL.

So it is possible to trigger a web service call so that I can ran an ETL process?
Hi Dicky,

the short answer is the moment it is not possible to do that within Yellowfin because there is no way to look at the SQL before the query is run. However, if you would like us to raise an enhancement request for this then please let us know because it sounds like useful functionality that other customers would appreciate, the only thing is I wouldn't be able to give you a timeframe for its implementation.

Otherwise, you will have to go outside of Yellowfin to meet your requirements, for example, at the database level you could create some sort of trigger, or you could write a JDBC wrapper that would allow you to insert your extra programming before the SQL query was sent (the developers think this shouldn't be too hard...maybe a day's worth of coding).