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Unable to remove Related Report from Dashboard


I have a related report on a dashboard that cannot be remove. Clicking on the down arrow to list the menu on the related report does nothing.

A new report can be added and removed from the relate reports section.

Using YF 7.

Hi Ross,

I'm a little confused as to where you're trying to remove the report from as you mention both the dashboard, and related reports screen.

You can remove a related report link from the related reports screen, though removing reports from the dashboard simply removes the report.
It does not remove any related report links.

Can you provide some screenshots to help me understand exactly where the issue lies?

Also, which version of 7 are you using?
E.g. July release.


Using YF 7 June update.

It is for Associated Reports within a dashboard.

Clicking on the down arrow on the report name does not display any menu options.

Forum image

Hi Ross,

Thanks for the screenshot.

Which browser are you using?

Also, can you please show a screenshot of the browser console when you hit the arrow.

Also, are you using your own CSS files to style YF or embedding Yellowfin?


Using MS Internet Explorer 10. But tried this in Firefox and same result.

Yes, a custom CSS is been used. I removed the custom CSS and tried to remove the related report same result.

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Hi Ross,

Are you able to send use your custom CSS files?

You can email these to and reference this post.


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