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Updating a View that uses a Stored Procedure

We have configured a stored procedure in Yellowfin with 6 input parameters. Due to new functionality we needed to update the stored procedure to 8 input parameters. Everything went OK except for existing reports built in this view - for some reason it is as if these existing reports are still looking at the previous version of the view i.e. only 6 parameters are showing. When we create a new report it shows all 8 correctly. Is this expected behaviour? Is there anything we need to do to have the existing reports use the new view with the additional parameters?
We are using version 6.3, build 20140224.

Please let me know if you need further information.

Hi Mike,

at the moment this is indeed the expected behaviour of existing reports based on an altered stored procedure, so I have raised an enhancement request (185928) for the functionality to allow existing reports to show the stored procedure's newly added input paramters. Unfortunately I am not able to give you an ETA for this enhancement request at the moment.