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Upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2

Hi all,

I have recently upgraded to 7.2 and am since hitting a world of issues ...
There does not seem to be any documentation detailing the upgrade process, and I have so far hit the following problems:

- using the update installation (yellowfin-20160428-update.jar), I end up with the upper admin menu from 7.1 as well as the left menu from 7.2 ...
- using a fresh full install (yellowfin-20160428-full.jar) and importing views and reports from 7.2 I get all sorts of errors, and the system is generally dreadfully slow (when it doesn't crash)

So question : Is there an upgrade procedure that I should be following ?

Thanks a million,
Hi David,

I hope all is well,

First of all I would highly recommend that you visit our wiki link (below) regarding how to troubleshoot within Yellowfin, specifically 7.2; - Within this it will guide you through pretty much everything you need to know along with video examples to help.

This aside I have also attached a document regarding the upgrading process from 7.1 to 7.2

-The upper and left hand side menus can be changed within the Administration>Configuration settings. With this from what I am aware of you only have the option to have either one in use.

Would it be possible for you to send a screenshot of this showing both the upper and left hand side menus in use.

-We recommend some regression testing by our customers ideally before upgrading you would do this within a test environment, such testing can be looked at with the following:
Content (reports/dashboards/views/storyboards)
Security (interaction with security frameworks e.g. AD or LDAP)
Interactive functions (e.g. drill, filters, sliders, etc)

With this would it be possible for you to mention some of these errors so we can work to resolving them.

It would also be of huge help to get back to us with some information on the slowness and crashing that you are experiencing.

I hope this helps David and I look forward to your reply.


Thank you for your reply mark,

The wiki was the first thing I went to visit before opening this case, and did again following your reply but could not find anything specific to troubleshooting.
Actually searching for this keyword only returns help about the JS api, which is not my issue here.
Could you please provide a direct link to the troubleshooting section of the documentation ?

Thank you also for the attachment, which unfortunately does not apply to me either as I am neither in a windows environment nor in a X window environment. Everything is done command line using the jar and
sudo java -jar $YELLOWFIN_DIR/../yellowfin-20150922-full.jar -silent $YELLOWFIN_DIR/

I cannot send you a screenshot I'm afraid, as I have since then reinstalled everything from scratch.

Regarding regression testing, that's exactly what I am in the middle of. And right now I am not comfortable at all to upgrade my production environment.
Importing reports prompts a message saying the version is different and the report may not work, but there is no "upgrade" solution offered.
It looks to me that the installation is well suited for a fresh install but not for an upgrade, hence my opening this thread asking if I have to push my existing reports and views through an upgrade process. I was hoping the yellowfin-20160428-update.jar would do it but it does not seem like it.

And finally, regarding slowness, it is quite hard to describe it other than saying it is slow :-)
If I compare my test environment with my production machine, the former is just slower everywhere (login, report opening, saving, applying filters ...), and very often raises prompts that "an error has occured" which never happened with the previous version (I have opened a separate thread for this particular one).

Further help will be greatly appreciated :-)