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user management

Two questions about user-managament:

1) i haven't seen an option to manage the status of a user (like draft and active). What is the best practice to disable a user temporary? Of course without changing his or her password.....

2) What happens when a user is deleted? Are his contributions to discussions etc. also deleted? I think in a collaborative system the users should get an inactive status in the system and his contributions should be preserved. or, at least, the administrator should have an option between "clean up" (for e.g. a test-user) and make "inactive". In the last case, i don't think it is necessary to have an option to re-activate (which, however would also be nice)
Hi Peter,

1) at the moment there isn't a draft or active status for user accounts. So you will have to delete the user, and should you want to re-instate the user then just create a new account for them.

Although, if you want to avoid having to re-create the account then possible workarounds are to create a "dummy" role (a role with no permissions) and then switch the temporarily suspended user to that role.

Or another process would be to create a "dummy" Client Org, add the user to that (as well as to their proper Client Org). Then if you want to "suspend" their account go to the Client Organisation manager and remove the user from the proper Client Org. And if you ever want to re-instate them simply go to the Client Organisation manager and add them (they will still be in the search list because they still belong to the dummy Client Org).

2) I wasn't sure of the answer to this, so I performed a simple test, I created a user, then as that user I contributed to a discussion. Then as administrator I deleted that user, then checked the discussion and the user's contribution was still there.


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