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Using Calculated field as a filter


I tried to use a calculated field i made in the report level (using FreeSQL option ) as a Filter but could not put the field in the filter section.

I used a simple DateAdd function on a timestamp field and tried to use it as a filter.

I tried to do the same in the View level but still yellowfin client dosnt enable me to use it in the filter.

the only way i found that works is to make a virtual table with the same function as one of the columns and connect the table with join to the rest of the tables in the view. only then Yellowfin enables me to use the new field (from the virtual table) as a viable filter.

this solution is "ugly".
Creating virtual tables for calculatd fields is not the way to go i think. especially when i have several calculations in mind on columns from diffrent tables. Is this the way to solve this?

Here a Video showing the problem


I am using Yellowfin 7.1 build 20141029

I will appreciate any help on the matter


Hi Shaul,

Thank you for posting your question in the forum and
for including the link to your video. This always makes it
a bit easier to understand clients issues.

Please see the following forum post which covers what
you were looking for.


I will update the outstanding enhancement request to reflect
your concerns as well.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,

We are facing the same challenge and we are currently in version 7.2.
Can you please inform us of whether or not TASK # 120543 has been included in the upcoming development enhancements?
We find great value in allowing the user to use Freehand SQL fields as filter on report level, since via Freehand SQL the entire set of SQL functionality can be utilized. In our case, we mainly use this option for concatenating text source fields into new ones.