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Using View – Error Retrieving Result

Hi Support,

Currently using Yellowfin 6.1.

Trying to build a report using drag and drop using a View data source and getting an error when I try to preview it (see attached).

The error happened after I modified the view to include a new database table inner joining to an existing. The report is fairly basic, select a field from the existing table and one from the new table. I don't know why it would fail. The join shows a purple icon

The yellowfin server log does not record any error and I'm unable to troubleshoot further as it does not show what the SQL Syntax is.

Is there any way you can help?

Hello Ken,

A question for you;

In the View Builder, can you click the Data tab, and does it display all the data?

It's best if you could forward all log files from your Yellowfin/appserver/logs folder to, for us to investigate further. Please reference this Forum Post in your email.

Kind Regards,