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View Catefory visible of all the organization


1. We have encountered a bug in Yellowfin, If we enable Category field under the roles for designers they are able to see "View Category" of other organisations as well. Ideally it should show view category only of that particular organization. Currently we are using 7.1 November patch.


Hi Dhrati,

Thanks for posting your issue in our forum.

Just so that we understand what you are experiencing,
is it possible to get a few screenshots?

- Where are you enabling Category field.

Also, by 'designer' do you mean 'report writers'?

Let me know on the above and I will continue to
check this out for you.

Thank you.

HI Kyle ,

Yes.. It is Report writer. Report Writers will not be having access to create/edit views . But when Category Access is enabled at the Role under Administration , the view category is also being displayed.

If clicked on any view category delete option(As in the attached screenshot) , the views created under the same view category which are present even in other Client organisations are also listed . This means , even if a user has access to only 1 client org and there are views present in other client orgs under the same category, the user is able to see all those view list. This is a security concern for us.

Hello Dhrati,

Just jumping in to get some clarification from you...

I've just tested creating multiple View categories under 2 different Client Orgs with YF 7.1 November build. Under one of the Client Orgs I have created a User with Report Writer access, with Category Access switched on in their Role. The user logs into their Client Org, and in the list of View Categories, can only see View Categories created within that Client Org, not others.

Can you explain further, you mention you see the " same categories " in the View Categories list - do you have View Categories with the same name under each Client Org, and how can you identify that they actually belong in another Client Org?

Also, what type of database are you using?

Thanks and hear from you soon,