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View cloning takes a long time to edit


We are trying to clone a view but its taking long time and we are not able to clone it. Please find the below steps taken by us to replicate the issue:

1. DS Conn set using primary and secondary pool conn to 3600 sec and max conn 15 for both.
2. Create View -> Create View Category -> Category (view category name)
3. Created view -- go to 2nd sheet create Field Category-> SALES , PARTNER , TIME , PRODUCT
4. Drag n Drop all the selected fields into the Categories
5. Activate View
6.Edit same view using clone.

Taking long time to clone the view

Attached the logs which we have got while cloning the view.

You will see Field categories in the logs which we have not created for this client org other than SALES , PARTNER , TIME , PRODUCT but still it shows field category which were used in different Client org. Same happens for View category, in the logs it shows "SALESVIEWS" , "YFVIEWS" though we have used View category as "Category" only dont know why it is showing View Categories of different Client orgs.

We are currenty using YF 7.1 Nov patch

Kindly look into it on priority basis as we are not able to edit any views.

Hi Dhrati,

all of those lines that have ERROR: Duplicate loading rltshp data in them are not actually a problem. They are due to a bug (an old one that has since been fixed) in the import process and do not cause any harm, for example, in my instance of Yellowfin I have lots of them and still can clone views with no problems.

I'm wondering whether the actual problem is that because the cloning the view is taking a long time that the connection to the YF config DB is timing out. So, because of this theory I'm wondering whether you could increase the timeout value to the YF config DB by following the instructions about the JDBCTimeout parameter in the web.xml file as described in this forum post:

and then please let us know whether that helps. And if it doesn't then could you please zip up and email us across all of your log files.