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Visible series selection value cut off

I am using YF 6.2 and the Ski team database as the test.

When I create a series selection for invoice by month, the sum of the value is being cut off by the size of the box. see image. The image is from your site, ( ) as I am having the exact same issue.

Is there a way to resize the selection boxes? or change the font size?

Hi Angelo

Thank for the forum post!

Is there a chance you can make an image of your error?
The link you gave is a wiki page of how to create series selection.

This issue might be a bug that existed in that version and build of 6.2
If possible could you test a newer version of the Yellowfin software?
Our latest version 7.1 has some excellent features and enhancements compared to 6.2

Thank you.
Hello Mark,

I will try to add an image. The link was correct, to your wiki page. I added the link in case the image upload didn't work, and my issue is being reproduced right on your wiki page. The second image under the settings header is a picture of the series selection. Ratings, Athletes, Invoiced, and Profits...take a look that the big number in the Invoiced series, the number is being cut off at the end.


Hi Angelo,

I agree with Mark, and to demonstrate why I will firstly show the 6.2 image you were referencing above:

Forum image

and then I'll show you the same report in 7.1

Forum image

I hope this comparison will inspire you to move to a more recent version of Yellowfin.


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