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Web Services Limitations Documentations

Can someone point me to a document like we have in the Wiki for the JavaScript integration that describes in detail the limitations of using Web Services to integrate into an application versus using the actual YellowFin UI.

We need to make some decisions on how we integrate and expose content within our application and at this point I am unsure we will achieve our full interactivity goal within our application as compared to using the actual YellowFin website.

The complexity of doing the report service integration in C# ASP.NET MVC with little documentation and manual editing of the web services contract is not trivial. We have made good progress but would like to know if this path will even meet our requirements before spending more resources on this effort.

Any guidance with this information would be very helpful. Thanks.

Thank you for your inquiry. I am including a link to another forum post that discusses the different approaches and more information on what is recommended for different types of integration.

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