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Wish : report-security in Client-groups

To get the right level of security by a customer we need client-organisation-group rights on Reports and Dashboard.

Its is already there on the view.... so it would be very nice is that could be implemented on reports and dashboards. It will save our user a lot of work in copying and maintenance of duplicate reports.

When discussion this topic with development, please remember that there is also issue 170524 (which is the same as 171000) with a request to add the distribution-parameters that are there on "public"-reports also to "private"-reports.

And also issue 170931 where an option is asked to have the default-security at reports, dashboard etc. to be separately configured either as "public", 'private" or "only private" (in the last case there should be no possibility to make an item private)

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the detailed info on your request, though I have some bad news.
You will not be able to specifically set org security on reports or dashboards.
The only way to do this is to use content categories.

This should be a feasible option, as reports and dashboards are stored in a content category.

Please let me know if you have any issues with using content categories.

Hallo David,

i took another look at the content-category and i'm sure that it can be done the way you described.

Thanks and with kind regards,

Peter Lasker