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Yellowfin 7.1 Dashboard lay-out, how to set the same height (2014-10-27)

In most projects we develop some "checksum-reports" which are presented at a two column dashboard. Although these reports are just for "internal use", it would be nice that they all have the same size at the dashboard. Is it possible to find out what the actual height of the reports is or, is there some trick to adjust them automatically?


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The easiest way can determine the height and width of a particular report screen is by right clicking and selecting Inspect Element.
This opens up the code where you can see the set dimensions within it.
Before you do any changes make sure to make a copy of the original code.

Let me know if this helps.

Thank you
Hello Mark,

i can agree that the element-inspector is a way to retrieve the height of the dashboard items. But for me, and i'm afraid also for other users, it's like swimming from Europe to Australia.... it's a way, but sure not the way one would normally advice to use.

Maybe it's possible to add an "move-over" info at the header of a dashboard item (when in edit-mode) that shows the actual widht and height.... or an "I"-button like is is there on the reports (showing all kind of info)

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