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Yellowfin 7 dashboard config panel missing

I installed a fresh copy of yellowfin7 (06/27 build) and have enabled client organizations.

I have given my role CRUD on both the personal and public dashboard access.

However I do not see a add tab in my dashboard panel.

The dashboard config panel toolbar also goes missing for some strange reason.

I have attached screenshots of the same.

Do i need to have any other permissions setup for dashboard config panel and add Tab to show up.

Thank you for any help you could provide

Unfortunately the screenshots did not come through. Is it possible for you to try again with those?

Is there any certain reason why you did not install the latest build of YF 7, the 20140923 build?

Which browser are you working with? E.g, Chrome, IE, Firefox

Please respond and we will have a closer look at your situation.

Thank you,


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