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Yellowfin installer customization

My company is currently evaluating Yellowfin. We are currently researching installer and its customization options. As it is specified on it is possible to customize installer, but we were unable to find property that would limit db options selection. Is there possibility to limit db options for example only to Oracle na MS SQL Server?

Thank you,

Thanks for reaching out to support. We are excited that you are currently
evaluating YF. Can I assume that you are using the latest version of YF? 7.1?

Please confirm. Also, the link that you referred to has been updated with
additional information. Please see below.

Custom Installer

Let me know which version you are testing and if the updated Wiki helps. If not, I will
consult with our Melbourne staff and get back to you.

Thank you,



we are currently evaluating latest yellowfin 7.1. The updated wiki contains information that it is possible to hide or show different options, but it is not described how or where the change should be made.

This would really help us.

Thanks for your support,

Hi Jakub,

You will need to supply values for these options, then hide them.
All of this is done with the custom properties file .

Hope this covers what you were after.
If you were after specific options please let me know as I can then make sure it's in the wiki.