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Yellowfin integration with custom application without LDAP


We are trying to integrate Yellowfin within a custom application. While we have been successful in launching yellowfin, we however haven't been able to pass the user credentials of custom application to yellowfin so that it works like single sign-on. We are currently not using any LDAP server.

(1) are there any alternative you can suggest?

(2) noticed that user credentials are being passed through the URL from custom application but we are not sure under which page within Yellowfin we need to pass the same for user login to work as SSO. Under which directory can we find the Yellowfin login page source?

Hello Kishore,

Thank you for posting your question on the forum.

The following Forum link covers SSO within YF -


This next link is from our Wiki and covers Administration Services.

Administration Services

Lastly, I've attached an integration guide for your review.

If, after reading through this information, you have additional
questions, please send them along.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the inputs. Team tried updating the jsp scripts to pass on the user credentials to achieve SSO between an external web application and YF. No specific outcome was seen with this exercise.

Later they tried experimenting with ws_admin_singlesignon.jsp and ws_admin_singlesignon_api.jsp files to pass the login credentials. They however are not sure on how to capture the status of rs.getStatusCode() nor tap the token to be placed in the YF call function/URL.

As it stands, it's completely a LOCALHOST solution and not server based. Can you please assist with the steps they need to perform (with reference to files they need to update or capture the status from) so that it can be passed on to them? They probably are missing something but want to make sure flow is appropriately followed.

Hello Kishore,

Thank you for the additional information. I've forwarded
this on the level II support so they can take a look
at this for you.

Thank you in advance for your patience regarding
this matter.



Hi Kishore,

Sorry for the delays on this.

Unfortunately in order to better assist, we need to know what you have currently developed and any errors you're facing.

When performing any integration, we are able to provide documentation, though if you run into any issues, we need to see the code you're using and any errors returned.

I have attached a more recent copy of the SSO document.
Also, the following wiki may also provide some useful info:

Hope this helps.