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Yellowfin says report is currently being edited – but it is not

I now have a number of reports for which Yellowfin displays a message:

[quote="">This report is currently being edited and you are viewing the active version. Click here to access the draft version. [/quote]

when I try to modify it. I am the only yellowfin user. How do I get Yellowfin to allow me to edit the report and to realise that the report is not "currently being edited"?

In one case I can no longer run the report - Yellowfin displays a report loading screen indefinitely.

I have tried shutting down and re-starting the yellowfin server - but with no luck.

Hello Justin,

If you are the 'only' YF user and are seeing this message when
attempting to edit a report it is because you previously have
modified the report and not 'activated' it - so it's still in draft mode.

As far as the report not running, are you getting an error message
of any kind? If not, we would probably need to get more info
on how the report is built and then also request that
you send the YF log files in via email to -
along with your work email so that we can confirm you are
on the 'support' list.

Please let us know how this goes.

Thank you,



I've just seen that you had sent in an email
to support regarding this issue.

Support will handle your inquiry through
that email thread.