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yellowfin server hanging when accessing report categories

we are facing issues with Yellowfin server hanging when any changes are made to the Categories and Sub-Categories.

here are some more details

1. Yellowfin Version Installed: 6.3
2. Yellowfin is connecting to the database via Windows domain Authentication.
3. Attached is the jdbc.log file..hoping this can give more information.

Let us know how to proceed on this at the earliest. if you need any particular logs please msg me on this thread .

Hello Nitin,

Thank you for sending through your question. In the future, it is best
to keep the forum to 'how to' questions and send any queries that
involve errors or system performance issues to

I'm not sure if you sent through the correct logs as they indicate that this
issue was back in November and also on an unsupported version of YF
(6.2 - 2013 build).

Forum image

Can you please re-submit your query through the above referenced email?

Please include a screen shot of your current YF version and build. If you can
also recreate the issue of YF 'hanging' and then zip up all the log files in
the YF library and attach those to your email.

Thank you,


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