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Yellowfin Upgrade

Hi Team,

When trying to upgrade Yellowfin from one version to another version, the yellowfin update installer (e.g: yellowfin-20160323-update.exe) is asking the previous yellowfin installation location.

In case, if I lost the installation location, how the update operation will be performed?

Please clarify.

Hi Chandra,

The installation path for your preexisting version of Yellowfin is needed to run the upgrade installer. You will not be able to upgrade without this path. This is because the installer needs to know where to find the files that need to be updated and overwritten.

You can look at the user.dir attribute of the System Properties section of the System Information page. (It is near the bottom of the section.) The System Information page can be accessed from the Admin Console.

The user.dir attribute has a little more information than necessary, so you will need to remove the 'appserverbin' section from the end of the path before passing it in to the update installer.

Hopefully this helps you get your upgrade installer running smoothly! Please let us know if you have any other problems with the update.