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Yellowfin won’t start after Java update

Hi support,

I update Java and now when I start Yellowfin application nothing happens.

Can you help?

Hi Venkataratnam,

The latest Java update seems to be disabling or removing old versions of Java. This is a problem as Yellowfin points to a specific version of Java that is defined during the installation process.

The startup scripts point to this version of Java, and if it has since been removed and replaced with a newer version (and a different file location), Yellowfin will no longer be able to start.

In order to use your new version of Java you will need to update a configuration file, based on your server OS:

First, locate your Java directory. On Windows, the folder is generally located in C:Program FilesJava

Second, update Yellowfin to point to this directory:

Windows: edit the catalina.bat file located in Yellowfin/appserver/bin/ and change the JRE_HOME value.

Mac/Linux: edit the file located in Yellowfin/appserver/bin/ and change the JRE_HOME value.

Windows Service: run the Tomcat Service settings program (see this post) and change the Java Virtual Machine option on the Java tab.

For example, in Windows, change this:
[code]set JRE_HOME=C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7[/code]

To this:
[code]set JRE_HOME=C:Program Files (x86)Javajre1.8.0_40[/code]


Thanks for trying Yellowfin

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