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YF 7.1 on Windows: Clicking “License Management” does nothing

We have a prospect who installed Yellowfin 7.1 (yellowfin-20150225-full.exe) on Windows.

When clicking on the "License Management" menu item, nothing happens (in Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox).

When executing the corresponding Javascript command
in the Firefox Javascript command line, the error message
$ is not defined

I think that the browser fails to correctly load the included Javascript files

This in turn could be due to insufficient access privileges for these *.js files in the Windows file system.
But interestingly, the *.i4 files do get loaded.

It's not easy for me to tell, because the prospect has limited time to debug the problem with me.
I think I'll probably figure it out, but the prospect could run out of patience.

So in case you've seen this kind of problem before, please let me know.
Hi Gert,

Can you have your client try to upload the licence using the UploadLicence.i4 page.
To do this, they will need to be on the machine running Yellowfin , then in the browser, enter the URL :


For example:


From there they should be able to upload the licence. I've just tested this using Firefox and I was successful.

Please let us know if this works or if I have misunderstood the specifics of your issue and your troubleshooting attempts.



Hi Kyle,

thanks for your response!
I'll have a session with our prospect next week, and will see what we can do.

Best regards,
Hi Kyle,

Yellowfin works for our prospect now!
I'm not sure what was the problem, but it could be that you have to deactivate the file protection feature of the virus protection software during the Yellowfin installation. That's just a suspicion.

Best regards,
Hi Gert,

Good to know. Please reach out to us again if you see this problem
with any of your other clients.

Thank you,