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YF 7.1: Translation of GeoPack

Dear YF Support Team!

We are currently testing the new GeoPack feature of YF 7.1 and are running into a translation issue regarding the country names of the World Countries Pack as well as regarding the country names within the Basic Maps. Since our end users are used to German we would like to offer them the map feature in German.

As you can see within the Screenshots below, we are observing two issues:

1) Country Name Fields of the GeoPack are in English

Forum image

2) Basic Maps Country Names are in English

Forum image

Do you see any possibility we could provide you with correct translations for the incorporation into the Basic Maps as well as into the World Countries Geo Pack? I have attached a possible translation format (German translations by ISO code in a CSV file).

Thank you so much & kind regards,
Hi Sebastian

Thank you for the forward thinking on enhancing the mapping translations.
I will pass your idea on to development so they can discuss it with you further.