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YF7.1 drill down stacked chart


I have update to Yf 7.1 and now the drill down on a
stacked chart is broken.

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Sorry to hear that you are having issues creating the chart that you want in YF 7.1.

Unfortunately I was unable to replicate the problem on my end. I've
attached a screen shot showing the drill down option being utilized in a Stacked Chart
in YF 7.1

Is it possible to provide additional information regarding your report so that we may
take a further look?? Is this happening only with this report??

Thank you,


Hallo Kyle,

I have found, that under YF 7.1 the data type are not supported.

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Hi Ernst,

what version of Yellowfin did you update from? The reason I ask is that I have tried a similar report on 7.0 and got the same error as you did on 7.1:

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Hallo David,

the update was from 20140627.

--- Patch parameters ---
MinBuildVersion: 3.3
MaxBuildVersion: 7.1
MaxBuildDate: 20140827

--- Yellowfin installation ---
InstallPath: /opt/yellowfin
WebappPath: null
BuildVersion: 7.0
BuildDate: 20140627
SchemaVersion: null

UpgradeType: ALL


Hi Ernst,

I installed the same build as you started out with (7.0 20140627):

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and then tried to add a non-numeric data type to the Colour field but got the same error as in YF 7.1:

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so we can conclude that this behaviour wasn't introduced in 7.1 as it already existed in 7.0 20140627

Hallo David,
meanwhile I have version 7.1 (20141223).

The good news, the drill down is working.

But there is a different behavior between auto chart and stacked chart.

[color="#FF0000">not ok[/color]
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Happy New Year 2015 :)
Hi Ervst,

Happy new year!

Glad the drill down issue is now resolved.

In terms of the 'color' box for the chart, that is actually expected behaviour.
The Auto Chart, actually uses a �Trellis Chart� most of the time, even though it looks like a stacked horizontal chart.

You have a few options to get the color option;
-Use the Auto Chart
-Use a Trellis Chart
-Use a Cross-Tab report

Sorry for any confusion caused by this, and please let me know if you have any other questions on this.