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YF7.2 to SQL Server 14 connection


I'm need some help connecting YF to SQL Server 2014.

I can't find the specific steps to create the data source.

Everything I try seems to say timeout, even when I increase the timeout parameter.

Any points to what I need to do or location to specific steps to follow would be much appreciated.

Hi Lawrence,

Thanks for sending in the question, and I'm sorry to hear that you are running into troubles setting up your MS Sql Server Datasource.

SQL Server is one of our more commonly used data source connections and should be fairly straightforward to set up provided you know all of your database connection settings.

The only catch would be whether or not you use Windows authentication or SQL server authentication to access your data source.

Here is an example of how a connection would normally be created (using SQL server authentication):

Forum image

Could you take a look at my example and let us know if you still run into troubles creating your connection?

I look forward to hearing back.

Kind Regards,


Thanks Dustin, all good now.