Yellowfin latest release delivers on Gartner?s emerging technology vision

MELBOURNE, May 7th – Yellowfin, leading web-based BI provider, is today launching the release of Yellowfin 5.0, a milestone in the Yellowfin product suite.

This release is significant, in that it incorporates features that will enable rapid deployment and analysis such as in-memory analysis and Excel spreadsheets as a data source.  The release of Yellowfin 5.0 is perfectly timed, with Gartner listing In-memory analytics, Columnar databases, Interactive visualization reports, Mobile BI applications, and Data mash-ups as the must-haves on all IT executive shopping lists at this years Gartner Summit. This is great news as Yellowfin 5.0 delivers on each of these features.

Yellowfin 5.0 is not only making Business Intelligence easy but fast as well.  With Yellowfin’s in-memory database queries will be lighting fast, and the ability to deploy even faster. Three simple steps are all it takes to connect to your data source, map your meta-data and then visualize to your data.

Glen Rabie, CEO at Yellowfin says, “This is a quantum leap in BI performance.  With Yellowfin 5.0 there is no need for the complex and expensive processes of developing ETL scripts and data warehouses.  It really is a simple process that our beta customers have been delighted by.  Yellowfin enables users to see and know their business in new ways and interactively explore data without limits”.  “Yellowfin 5.0 was the result of understanding how our customers wanted to work within the BI environment.  The typical scenario was that deployment got bogged down due to query performance and the need to build data marts or data warehouses that would address these performance issues.  As a result business users had to wait for this tedious non-value added step to be completed before they could even write a single report, leading to frustration.  So Yellowfin developed an in-memory database to address this need,” says Rabie.

Successful BI projects are measured by two core criteria: the speed of delivery and the speed of analysis.  Traditionally there was a trade-off between the two.  To achieve the analysis speeds required – complex project steps are required.  However, Yellowfin 5.0 has two major features that deliver a significant speed enhancement over traditional BI tools.

These are:
1.    An embedded in-memory database
2.    A fully integrated user interface for all development steps

“What this means is that with Yellowfin, users can rapidly develop and publish reports and dashboards because the number and complexity of the steps required for delivering a reporting project is significantly reduced (minimizing project costs and risks) without the need to compromise on the speed and efficiency of the reporting and analysis.  And that thrills the business user,” says Rabie

With Yellowfin 5.0 everything is integrated, seamlessly, there is no need to move between applications. Not only does this provide end users with a greater experience but also it makes it cheaper to roll out in mass deployments, which Yellowfin specialises in.
Fast analysis, better insight and rapid deployment with minimal IT involvement! These are the leading benefits of in-memory analytics.  With Yellowfin 5.0, In-memory analytics delivers decision insight with the agility that businesses demand. It’s a win for business users, who gain self-service analysis capabilities, and for IT departments, which can spend far less time on query analysis, cube building, aggregate table design, and other time- consuming performance-tuning tasks.

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