3 factors that prevent you from maximizing your data?s potential

Most businesses understand the need to collect data to help them better understand their customers. Most businesses do collect data. But many fail to maximize its potential.

Data analysis and reporting: Inhibiting factors

Companies are prevented from taking full advantage of their data by three main factors:

1.  No personalized data analysis and reporting system
The problem isn’t that companies don’t collect data – it’s that they collect vast quantities. Many companies have so much disparate data that deciphering it, analyzing it and placing it in usable reports that are deliverable to the people that matter is costly, and a near insurmountable task.

2.  No real-time data delivery
Many companies cannot access their data in real-time – sometimes taking days or weeks to get the data they need. This inability to access actionable and accurate data when it is needed negates marketplace competitiveness.

3.  No organization-wide access to data analysis
Many companies have highly complex data collation, analysis and reporting systems that require expert technical support to access and interpret captured data. This situation prevents non-technical business personnel from maximizing the benefits of data analysis.

Yellowfin can help: A user-focused Business Intelligence solution

Yellowfin addresses the three major factors that inhibit organizations from taking full advantage of their data assets – No personalized data analysis and reporting system, no real-time data delivery and no organization-wide access to data analysis – by:

1.  Providing personalized dashboards
Personalized end-user dashboards deliver easy-to-understand summary reports and KPIs on a regular scheduled basis to keep business users up-to-date with the information that matters to them to support informed decision-making.

2.  Enabling real-time data access
Yellowfin offers real-time database connectivity, or in-memory analytics, to deliver decision insight with the agility that businesses demand. In-memory analytics enables faster analysis, rapid insights with minimal IT involvement, and eliminates the need to store pre-calculated data in the form of OLAP cubes or aggregate tables. It offers business-users faster analysis, and access to analysis of large data sets, with minimal data management requirements.

3.  Providing an easy-to-use solution
Yellowfin’s easy-to-use Web-based BI solution enables non-technical end-users to independently harness the power of data analysis. Yellowfin’s meta-data layer means users interact with data in simple business terms without having to deal with the complexities of the underlying data or database. Users can drill-down and through data autonomously.

Yellowfin’s highly intuitive, end-user focused Business Intelligence (BI) tool allows organizations of all types, across all industries, to access the data that matters to them, making the insights and information generated from data analysis available throughout an organization to improve operational efficiency.

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