Critical components of a Business Intelligence solution

The pressure is on. Your organization needs a Business Intelligence (BI) solution now, and the thorny task of selection has fallen to you.

Now is the time to act. But where to start? You’re desperately short on time – the walls close-in Indiana Jones style. You feel utterly trapped.

If you don’t have time to ask anything else when comparing BI providers, ask these three questions:

1.  All your data sources

Is the BI vendor’s tool capable of utilizing all your relevant data sources for analysis and report writing? – How many different databases does it support? Can you query spreadsheets? Can you connect to OLAP cubes?

2.  Speed of implementation

Can the BI solution be distributed quickly, easily and cost effectively to a broad spectrum of end-users?

3.  Ease of use

Is the BI tool highly intuitive so that non-technical business users can gain the benefits of data analysis and reporting straight away with minimal IT support?

Yellowfin: All your data sources

Yellowfin can connect to, and report from, any database that has a JDBC driver and supports SQL-92 compliant SQL. Yellowfin also recognizes Excel spreadsheets as a legitimate data source.

Yellowfin can report from the following databases:

  • DB2 Universal Database 8.1 or later
  • Oracle Database 9i+
  • PostgreSQL 8.0
  • Progress 9.1
  • MS SQL Server 2000+
  • Ingres
  • MySQL 4+
  • HSQL
  • MDX compliant cubes (eg SQL Server, Mondrian)
  • ODBC
  • OpenEdge
  • AS/400
  • Interbase
  • Universe
  • Firebird
  • Cache DB
  • Pervasive
  • Sybase ASE
  • Sybase Anywhere
  • Sybase IQ
  • SQLite
  • Derby
  • Teradata
  • H2
  • FoxPro
  • Lotus Notes
  • Microsoft Access

Yellowfin: Speed of implementation

Yellowfin is easy to work with. Our product is easy to install, maintain and can be adapted to suit your individual reporting and analysis needs.

  • Personalized and customizable dashboards mean that individual users can keep in touch with the information relevant to them to improve individual, as well as company productivity, and better align actions with organizational strategy.
  • Yellowfin’s easy-to-use BI solution frees your IT department from the need to respond to ongoing queries from business users.
  • As a Java based application, Yellowfin can be easily deployed into existing technical environments with minimal impact upon existing infrastructure.
  • Yellowfin’s flexible pricing arrangements and intuitive functionality – leading to widespread end-user adoption – delivers an outstanding Return On Investment.

Yellowfin: Ease of use

The concept is simple. Yellowfin is the most user-friendly BI tool on the market. For the positive effects of BI to be maximized, it has to be accessible to business people from all backgrounds within an organization.

  • Yellowfin’s 100 percent Web-based solution is highly intuitive. Anyone comfortable using a Web-browser can quickly learn to use Yellowfin’s BI tool. End-users are presented with data and analysis in easy to understand business language, not unclear technical language.

You’re desperately short on time

Where were we? Oh, that’s right. You were imitating Indiana Jones – you were about to be crushed by the fast encroaching jagged walls of an ancient tomb.

Want to escape intact, hat and all? Speak to Yellowfin about our proven roadmap, and find out more about successfully implementing Yellowfin to solve your organization’s data reporting and analysis needs.

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