It?s Beer O?clock Again!

It turns out that people like beer. Who knew?

Last week’s celebratory data visualization blog – Finding the World’s Best Beer – marked the launch of Yellowfin 5.1 and was received better than a longneck at five o’clock on a Friday. So, we thought we’d organize an after-party to keep the good stuff flowing.

In this Happy Hour edition, the amber trail leads us down a slightly different, yet equally uneven, spinning path.

After tracking down another beer-related data-set, brewing it up, and distilling it in Yellowfin, we decided to reach past the salted peanuts and zero in on what really matters at drinking time – alcohol content.

Beer distribution by alcohol content

First stop on our data-crawl? – Beer distribution by alcohol content. We wondered, in the interest of responsible drinking, how you might be able to guesstimate your alcohol intake if unbranded beers keep being thrust into your hand at this year’s office Christmas party. This sample of over 350 beers, grouped by volume of alcohol, demonstrates that it’s a safe bet that most brews will be between four and six percent.

But be warned. Lurking on the periphery are two directly opposing, yet equally diabolical, extremes. There’s about a one percent change you’ll get handed a ‘fake’ with zero alcohol content. Conversely, be prepared to pinch your nose and drive the porcelain bus home if you’re downing the Irishman slaying 18 percenter.

Beer search

But for a more accurate measure, let’s check out alcohol range by brewery and brand. (You can search for yourself by using the filter options).

It seems that the Boston Beer Co’s Sam Adams Triple Bock is the one to avoid when amongst work colleagues this silly season, weighing in with an alcohol percentage of 17.5!

But let’s not forget the calories and carbs.

Alcoholic content vs calorie count

Unfortunately, many fun things are bad for you, and require concerted discipline to enjoy safely. A beer with a high alcoholic content, apart from needing to be drunk sensibly, will also send more unwanted calories straight to your thighs! Right?

Sadly, it would appear so…

Alcoholic content vs the number of carbs

What about carbs? Does alcohol volume also affect a beer’s carb count?

Apparently not. It seems that drinking a zero percent dud will have the same effect on your carb intake as an eight percent manhood tester.

Home time!

Well, can you believe it? It’s that time already – time to stop reading, put your feet up, and crack one open!

So cheers again from the team at Yellowfin.

Until next time, stay safe, drink responsibly, and for more on our latest release and Collaborative Business Intelligence, simply follow the links.

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