Why you need to embed BI into your software application

So you’re a software developer? Then this is for you.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a rapidly growing industry. Organizations from all backgrounds are turning to BI to streamline operational efficiencies and increase competitive advantage by placing better, faster fact-based information in the hands of more decision-makers.

This consumerization of BI means that your clients now expect reporting and analytics functionality as a standard checklist item in your application / enterprise software package.

But what are the benefits of an embedded reporting solution for you and your customers? And why wouldn’t you just develop a reporting and analytics tool in-house?

How will you benefit from embedding a world-class BI solution?

Easy. Embedding a BI solution gives you several significant benefits, including:

  • Competitive advantage: Because the demand for reporting and analytics is steadily increasing, the inclusion of a BI solution will differentiate you from your competitors, assisting you to win new customers, and continue to deliver a relevant and highly sought-after product.
  • Increased revenue: Providing your customer base with a dedicated reporting and analytics module equips your business with an additional revenue stream capable of significantly boosting profitability.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention: Market-leading BI features such as intuitive dashboards, easy drag-and-drop report building, ad hoc query capabilities and stimulating data visualizations will impress your customers, boost your brand’s reputation and improve customer satisfaction ratings. Improve client retention rates and loyalty by creating a more complete software solution, eliminating the need for customers to look elsewhere to satisfy their data analysis needs.
  • Exceptional ROI and reduced time to market: Embedded BI enables you to offer advanced reporting and analytics features to your customer base at a fraction of the cost and time of in-house development. Freeing yourself of the resource strain of development enables you to get to market much faster and achieve an outstanding ROI sooner than you thought possible.

Yellowfin: The leader in embedded BI

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