Ingres and Yellowfin team for rapid reporting: ITWire

Database vendor Ingres and Business Intelligence (BI) specialist Yellowfin have teamed up for joint sales of VectorWise and Yellowfin as a complete, fast and easy to use enterprise reporting and analytics system, writes Steven Withers on ITWire.

Withers, a seasoned IT journalist, noted that the combination of Yellowfin and VectorWise delivered on the three most important criteria for BI – functionality, ease-of-use and fast performance – as reported in the BI survey 8.

The article said that in an ‘ultimate speed comparison’, Melbourne Grand Prix style, an unspecified commercial database was given a 55 second handicap against Ingres’ analytical data base, VectorWise. Running the same query on identical hardware, VectorWise returned the result in under a second, with the unspecified database taking over three minutes.

Withers also reported that Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie, said that Yellowfin was able to deliver 192 different reports in just six weeks to a client that had budgeted for the job to take one year. Another instance saw the creation of four dashboards and a couple of dozen reports in three days. For comparison, the 2010 TDWI (The Data Warehousing Institute) BI Benchmark Report found that it took an average of 6.6 weeks to build one complex report or dashboard.

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