Yellowfin Business Intelligence: Yellowfin 5.2 launch Webinar

The latest release of Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence solutionYellowfin 5.2: Making Business Intelligence even easier – builds on Yellowfin’s renowned ease-of-use, offering organizations the ability to achieve superior Return on Investment. The release achieves this through:

  1. New analytical visualizations that make data analysis easier and more insightful
  2. An upgraded User Interface for improved navigation and self-service reporting
  3. Improved scalability to allow organizations to easily grow the Yellowfin platform to meet their changing reporting needs

Watch a recording of the official webinar launch of Yellowfin 5.2 for an overview of the new features and functionality. For extra detail, download a copy of the Yellowfin 5.2 official Release Notes.

Yellowfin 5.2 will be available from the afternoon of Friday 10 June (Australian EST). 

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