Business Intelligence is Cool?

Business Intelligence (BI) can be cool. At Yellowfin we’ve always known this to be true. I mean, when I think cool, I think Dave Grohl, The A Team, and reporting and analytics, don’t you?

The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) held a recent Webinar – Cool BI: 2011’s Emerging Innovations – that outlined this year’s top eight cool innovations in BI.

The Webinar divided these cool features into two groups: “Just cool bells and whistles”, and, those that “provide lasting value and those who adopt early [with] first-mover competitive advantage.”

The coolest of the (useful) cool: Mobile BI and Collaborative & Social BI

And the coolest BI innovations set to equip early adopters with a significant edge? Mobile BI (44 percent) and Collaborative BI (21 percent) according to poll results revealed in the TDWI Webinar.

Yellowfin: A cool and easy competitive advantage

Finally. Some credible third-party validation of our coolness here at Yellowfin. Our customers already know how useful our unique integrated Social BI module and market-leading Mobile BI capabilities are (Yellowfin a top-scoring Mobile BI solution: Dresner study), but now they can enjoy some serious street cred too.

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