What?s Cool in 5.2? Box & Whisker Charts!

Always wanted a way to analyse the spread of your data without having to set up several advanced functions or calculations on your table? We heard your cries and have answered them with Yellowfin 5.2’s brand new Box & Whisker chart.

This new addition to our charting family, while maintaining the sleek demeanour of our other visualisations, provides six key statistical properties of your series;

  1. Lower Bound (Minimum)
  2. Lower Quartile
  3. Median
  4. Mean
  5. Upper Quartile
  6. Upper Bound (Maximum)

These allow you to quickly assess the dispersion of your series, whilst immediately identify outliers, providing you with the opportunity to investigate where your figures may be going awry. Coupled with our spiffy HTML 5 Rollovers and Tooltips how can you go wrong?

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