What?s Cool in 5.2? Changing a View?s Data Source!

Had your View and Report set approved for production? Don’t want to go through the export and import process to simply transfer your content to the prod database connection? Then read on, because this feature was made for you…

Yellowfin 5.2 has included the option to change the Data Source connection of a View, and subsequently its reports, on the View Summary Page. When your View is in draft mode, simply click on the Change link next to the current Data Source.

From here, it’s as easy as selecting the new source (in this case we are going to transfer to prod).

Then validating the connection, ensuring the required schema is available so nothing breaks.

Finally, hitting the magic Update link.

You’re done. You’ve transferred your content from the development source you were testing with, to the all important production connection. And no XML files in sight. So now you see why we were excited. Thank you 5.2!

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