Yellowfin?s Business Intelligence solution dazzles BBBT

Yellowfin has won resounding praise from renowned Business Intelligence (BI) industry forum, The Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT).

The BBBT is a BI forum based in Denver, Colorado. The BBBT is a gathering of leading BI analysts and experts, who participate in regular briefings with ‘interesting and innovative BI vendors’.

BBBT host and President and Founder of Intelligence Solutions, Claudia Imhoff (Ph.D), expressed admiration for Yellowfin’s ability to facilitate widespread user adoption through product ease-of-use:

Yellowfin ease-of-use

“I wrote a report recently on self-service BI, and boy, Yellowfin is positioned very nicely for that,” said Imhoff in a recorded podcast:

Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie, said that whilst Yellowfin performs all the report building and analytical functions necessary for the data analyst – the content creator, Yellowfin was designed for the report consumer: “What we’re doing is delivering a product that helps the people who want to consume the data. [The question that drives almost everything we do is] how do we make it really easy for them?

“For example, when developing the User Interface [UI] for Yellowfin, we look far more at consumer-oriented products, like Facebook and Google. The UI has to be so simple that users need little or no training, and can just get in there and get value from their data immediately.”

Yellowfin and Social Business Intelligence

Imhoff also pointed to Yellowfin as a pioneer in Social BI, stating that its collaborative features form a clear point of difference from other BI offerings.

“I find [Yellowfin’s collaborative features] remarkable, I think Yellowfin’s one of the first tools to actually record a decision being made,” said Imhoff.

“And I think that ability to converse easily through [Yellowfin] is what makes it so bright, so good for decision-making, people can then understand more than just a number.”

Rabie said that with its collaborative capabilities, Yellowfin is transforming BI from an application centric to an information centric model, to help customers derive the best value possible from their business data.

“The collaboration piece is something that we really are proud of,” said Rabie. “Through speaking with our customers, the penny finally dropped – they were all trying to make decisions. And if BI is about making decisions, then how are we helping them to do that. We need to ensure that they can make the best decision possible with their data. That’s what Yellowfin collaboration is all about.”

The BBBT was established to keep industry analysts abreast of new trends, emerging organizations and technologies in the BI marketplace, and is produced by Intelligence Solutions and sponsored by The BeyeNETWORK.


What is Business Intelligence software?

BI refers to a broad range of computer software applications and tools used to report, analyze and present data in a range of formats, to help businesses identify trends and opportunities, and support fundamental decision-making.

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