Why is our next Business Intelligence release labeled 6?

Many of you probably expected the upcoming release of Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence (BI) software to be dubbed 5.3. In fact, we may have already been guilty of hinting as much.

But, then, this morning, we remembered what day it is. Do you know what day it is? Friday or Thursday (depending on your time zone) is not the answer. If you said Remembrance Day, you’re forgiven, but it’s still not the answer we’re looking for.

It’s Binary Day – 11/11/11! More specially, it’s the last Binary Day of this century.

And what does 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 +1 + 1 equal? Six! Our fate was sealed!

That, and our stellar year-to-date warranted the label 6 – symbolic of Yellowfin’s rising marketplace penetration and recognition.

Oh, and besides all that, this forthcoming release – Yellowfin 6: Making analysis even easier – is simply very good.

Yellowfin 6 also delivers better and easier analysis anywhere, anytime, with the inclusion of our new soon-to-be-released iPad app. This app is set to redefine Mobile BI with a unique consumer-oriented approach.

Yellowfin 6 will be officially launched in a series of celebratory Webinars, Tuesday 6th December.

Keep an eye out for registration and event details, and a Webinar time that suits you.

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