Yellowfin 6 Business Intelligence launch Webinar (recording)

The latest release of Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence solutionYellowfin 6: Making Business Intelligence and data analysis even easier – builds on Yellowfin’s renowned ease-of-use, offering organizations the ability to achieve superior Return on Investment.

Watch a recording of the official Webinar launch of Yellowfin 6 for an overview of the new features and functionality. For extra detail, download a copy of the Yellowfin 6 official Release Notes.

The introduction of an amazing iPad app that will change the way you think about Mobile BI, and the addition of sophisticated analysis options and greater dashboard interactivity, makes BI even easier.

Find out how you can easily explore, share and act on your data to achieve better business outcomes with Yellowfin’s new iPad app and enhanced analysis capabilities.

Discover how Yellowfin’s latest innovation in BI moves beyond traditional reporting to deliver insight by making data analysis easy via:

  • A unique iPad app for Mobile BI
  • New sophisticated analysis options
  • Greater dashboard interactivity

The new native application for the iPad delivers a unique consumer-oriented mobile reporting and analytics experience:

Yellowfin 6 will be available from the afternoon of Friday 9 December (Australian EDST).

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