Mobile BI: “apps for on-the-go analysis”

Like Jamie Cullum, Sunshine Anderson and Emiliana Torrini; you’ve Heard It All Before.

Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) gives your decision-making a Daft Punk (more commonly known as a Kanye West), making it Better, Faster, Stronger (but definitely not harder).

But it’s sometimes hard to know whom to turn to in an industry increasingly cluttered with hype and hyperbole.’s recent slideshow presentation – 10 Mobile Business Intelligence Apps for On-the-Go Analysis – points to the industry’s heavy hitters and best bets for Mobile BI.

And, of course Yellowfin’s ‘on the list’. notes Yellowfin’s collaborative capabilities, stating that “Yellowfin has incorporated enterprise collaboration capabilities within the mobile app, which lets you collaborate and discuss issues relating to specific charts and associate a conversation with specific reports or data points.”

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