Webinar Event – Embedded BI, Best Practices

If you’re a software developer, you’ve probably noticed that the enterprise software market is changing – rapidly. Keep reading; this isn’t a sales pitch.

More organizations, from across more industries, are seeking the ability to track, measure and manage their business processes. They’re looking to report on, analyze and present their organizational data in a range of formats, to help identify trends and opportunities, and support fundamental decision-making.

You can support that need by integrating reporting and analytics functionality into your existing software applications. And, you can do it painlessly, without having to spend all your time developing and supporting it.

This type of capability, often referred to as embedded Business Intelligence (BI), can add 20% to 30% to your organization’s top line revenue, increasing profit margins in both the short and longer term. Simply put, it can add another layer of awesomeness to your product.

Join us for our upcoming Embedded BI Best Practices Webinar to discover how to successfully add an analytics module to your product suite, and dramatically enhance its salability and market value – minus the development stress you might expect.

When and How

There are three concise forty minute Webinars scheduled throughout Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 November for your convenience.

But seats are limited, so reserve yours now!

Register for a session now by clicking on a link below:

Webinar 1 (Best time for Americas)
Wed, Nov 7, 2012, 4:00PM – 4:40PM, (USA and Canada) EST

Webinar 2 (Best time for Asia-Pacific)
Thur, Nov 8, 2012, 2:00PM – 2:40PM, Australian EDT

Webinar 3 (Best time for Europe)
Thur, Nov 8, 2012, 10:00AM – 10:40AM, London GMT

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the BI features you require to successfully embed reporting and analytic capabilities into your existing software suite and exceed customer expectations
  • Take your new analytic module to market quickly and win new business
  • Successfully introduce BI to your customers and end-users in a way that stimulates interest, adoption and delivers value quickly

But most importantly, we’ll give you the checklist you need to make sure you can achieve embedded BI success, whilst avoiding all the usual integration, support, maintenance and enhancement drama. Discover how to make BI work for your application, without mutilating the already great product you’ve worked so hard to get just right.

“It’s commonly accepted that Business Intelligence functionality is now in high demand across almost all major industries. If you’ve been thinking about embedding analytical capabilities into your core software suite, to meet the demands of your customers, this Webinar will show you how to make that ambition a reality.”

– Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie

Why it’s time to act

More and more ISV’s are adding analytics modules to their products to achieve a point of differentiation and competitive advantage. A recent 2012 research report by the Aberdeen Group, entitled Embedded BI: Boosting Analytical Adoption and Engagement, found that 65% of CRM software applications, 56% of enterprise resource planning, and 49% of financial accounting software suites have already incorporated embedded BI into their core product offering.

Benefits of embedded BI

Benefits of embedded BI include:

  • Enhanced value and salability of your core product(s)
  • The ability to extend the reach of your core product(s) by selling into new and untapped market segments
  • A source of competitive advantage
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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Following the Webinar, attendees will receive a copy of the presentation slides and a recording for on-demand viewing.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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